The version of the Windows ITRANS Communication Application (iCA), which includes functionality enhancements in addition to a host of bug fixes has been released.

What enhancements and fixes does version include?
  • Added CSI and CDA root certs to installer
  • Fixed issue where the iCA would not include field A02 in output files
  • Fixed issue with multiple provider types certificate identification
  • Fixed issue where the iCA would not include trailing spaces in output files
  • Fixed issue where ReceivedResponse event was being used to communicate errors
  • Fixed issue where CCDWS ABC functionality was not operational
  • Fixed issue with encoding of extended characters from 850 code page for reading and saving files
  • Fixed type 14 issue where it would not correctly parse the provider and office information
  • Fixed issue with output file not always saving with the correct name
  • Fixed typo in version history
Where can I download version
  • The installer is available here
  • Both the installer and archive are available here