New RBC Insurance Dental Carrier ID 000124

Effective October 25, 2016, your patients covered under a RBC Insurance (RBCI) dental plan will require you to submit all electronic dental claims using their new RBCI dental carrier ID. Prior to October 25th, the Green Shield Canada dental carrier ID was being used.

Failure to make this change will result in a submission error. To ensure continuity of service, we have prepared this notice to provide you with the information for submitting claims and inquiries for patients.

What is changing for your patients covered by a RBC Insurance dental plan:

  • When submitting claims electronically using your practice management software, you must send your claim to RBCI, BIN/Carrier ID 000124. This will require you to select RBCI as the insurance carrier or adjudicator.
  • Included here is a sample of the ID card.
  • If you accept assignment for your claims, you will now receive a cheque or direct deposit from RBC Insurance
  • If you have a question about a dental claim, you will call RBCI Customer Service Centre at 1-855-264-2174

 When submitting claims, here are some helpful details:

  • Group/plan number – RBCI does not use this field. Please populate with any value (e.g. 9999).
  • Certificate or Identification – enter the plan member’s unique ID number in this field, ignoring the hyphen (-) that separates the dependent code. For example, ID number 1234567-02 is entered as 123456702.
  • If your software has a separate field for dependent number, do not enter the last two digits (which follow the hyphen)
  • If your software does not allow enough room to fit in the entire ID number and dependent code, the date of birth is required for a correct match
  • For claims to be paid and processed correctly, you must indicate the correct name, ID number and dependent code of the family member on all claims submitted to RBCI

RBC will be accepting CDAnet Version 4 transactions, and support the following transaction types:

  • 01 Claims
  • 02 Reversals
  • 03 Predeterminations
  • 04 Request for Outstanding Transactions (ROT)

 Questions? We’re here to help…

Please call RBCI Customer Service Centre at 1-855-264-2174 if you have any questions or would like more information. Hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET.