Major iCA Update Announcement

We are pleased to announce the latest version of the ITRANS Communication Application (iCA).  This update represents a significant investment; it is designed to make installations and updates faster and easier, simplify communication agent support for software vendors, and improve overall user experience via bug fixes, interface enhancements and better documentation.

What are the significant new features?

  • Completely revamped and upgraded installer
    • The iCA now uses a professional grade installer
    • The installer features the following enhancements
      • Set the iCADirectory via the installer interface
      • Setup the iCAService via the installer interface.  The installer will setup all aspects of the iCAService, including setting the user account for the service and validating its credentials
      • Set the use of the CCDWS functionality (additional details regarding this functionality are detailed later in this email) via the installer interface
      • Update functionality.  The installer will detect any existing iCA installation and offer to update it (post version  Application files will be brought up to date while retaining all existing iCA settings
  • Updater Application
    • The iCA package includes a dedicated updater application.  When launched the updater will detect if a new version of the iCA available and provide the option to update it or advise the user the application is already up to date.  The updater will retain all existing iCA settings
  • Stability
    • Conditions that would previously cause the iCA to crash have been addressed
  • CCDWS Support for Alberta Blue Cross
    • Software vendors can continue to send all transactions to the iCA, even when users have a need to send transactions to Alberta Blue Cross over the internet.  When the iCA’s CCDWS support is enabled, the iCA automatically sends ABC transactions to the CCDWS application and retrieve the responses.  Setting up this functionality is taken care during the installation of the iCA, and is quick and easy.
  • Additional Fixes and Enhancements
    • Shortcuts to the tray application, uninstaller and updater are now added to the start menu
    • Correct application version is now reported in the iCA.log
    • The iCA application will check for available updates on launch, should an updated version of the application be available the user will have the option to update
    • The iCA application will now minimize to the system tray (instead of completely closing) when clicking on the “X/Close” icon

Why Beta?

  • The iCA application has been through quality testing and CSI is confident in making it available for distribution; however we recognize that this is a significant update which has yet to go through wide spread use at dental offices.  CSI encourages software vendors to use the new version and send all feedback to  Feedback will be used to create a final release one month after the beta is released.  Previous versions of the iCA continue to be available for download here.

Installation Instructions

  • The new iCA is directly available here and on
  • New simplified installation instructions are available here under “How do I install the ITRANS Communication Application (iCA)?”

ITRANS Exclusive

  • Remember except Alberta Blue Cross, ITRANS is the only Internet option that can send claims to all CDAnet claims processors in Canada.
  • Carriers exclusively accessible via ITRANS
    • ADSC – ALBERTA Social Services QuikCard 000105
    • Carpenters and Allied Workers Local 27 – Shingling and Siding Division Health Benefit Plan  000117
    • GMS Insurance Inc. (GMS)  610218
    • Local 1030 Health Benefit Plan  000118
    • Manitoba Cleft Palate Program 000114
    • Manitoba Health 000113
    • Nova Scotia Community Services 000109
    • Nova Scotia Medical Services Insurance 000108
    • Nunatsiavut Government Department of Health 610172
    • Quikcard 000103
    • PBAS 610256
    • The Building Union of Canada Health Benefit Plan 000120
    • U.A. Local 46 Dental Plan 000115

Best Regards,
The ITRANS Support Team