OTTAWA, June 27, 2014 –Continovation Services Inc. (CSI), provider of the ITRANS suite of services, today announced the creation of instream, a specialized provider of secure online services for the dental community and insurers.

instream’s primary mission is to reduce payment inefficiencies and improve communication between two primary groups – dental professionals and insurers.

CSI, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), currently provides secure real-time claim services exclusively to CDA members. These services will be licensed to instream, an independent privately owned company offering a broad range of new exchange services that are not part of CDA membership. These services will be available to dental professionals not currently serviced by CDA and insurers servicing the dental market.

“The importance of an independent company to address both provider and insurer needs can’t be emphasized enough,” said Dr. Ron Smith, CSI Chairman. “Canada’s dental landscape is a complex one with many stakeholders. A company that is vested in or representing one group is not going to be seen as objective, nor will it be supported. The industry needs a neutral voice with well-established relationships with all members of the community to address known payment issues and areas of friction. instream is that company,” he adds.

instream is also announcing the DIRECT PAY Pilot Program. instream DIRECT PAY is the company’s flagship service and Canada’s first national payment service that simplifies the payment process between a dentist, patient, and insurance carrier. The Pilot Program is open to dental professionals, carriers, and software vendors with the goal of ensuring a national payment solution that will address the needs of all stakeholders. The Pilot Program is accepting participants now and will launch in 2015.

“instream fills a real need in the Canadian dental landscape as an organization that provides a dual role of serving both dental professionals and insurance carriers,” said Joel Bisson, President and CEO, instream. “As an independent company we have an important perspective and an ability to quickly leverage feedback and research insights to bring well rounded solutions that address difficult payment issues for carriers and dental professionals,” he added.

In addition, instream is launching with a full suite of innovative subscription-based communication services that include:

  • instream TV: A visual communication tool for dental waiting rooms that educates patients, reduces anxiety, and increases annual revenue.
  • instream SHOWPLAN: A consulting room educational solution that enables dentists to effectively explain recommended treatment procedures in 30 seconds using fully interactive, easy-to-control 3D treatment animations.

As well, the current ITRANS Claims service provided by CSI will now be offered by instream as instream CLAIMS to hygienists, denturists and insurers.  “instream offers a real choice for insurers that are looking for a claims network or payment partner that is able to reach a large number of dentists in the country,” said Joel Bisson

The company is expected to make additional announcements in the near term about projects already in development and the DIRECT PAY Pilot Program in particular.

A spinoff from CSI, instream leverages over 20 years of experience providing secure online services including claims transmission. instream provides services from its corporate headquarters in Ottawa, Canada.

About instream

instream is a national, privately owned company dedicated to providing specialized online claims, payment and patient communication solutions that create greater efficiencies between dental professionals, insurance carriers and third-party plan administrators.  For more information, go to

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