Issue start date: 2023-02-11

Issue details: Some offices using the ICD and CCDWS(ITRANS 2.0) were experiencing issues sending claims due the CCDWS service not properly handling an updated crl.

Issue Status: Resolved: 2023-02-13, 16:35ET


  • Open the CCD directory(usually: {Drive name:\ccd})
  • Delete the “CanDentAssocCA.crl” file
  • Restart the CCDWS service
*In some offices, the CCDWS.log file may still show the following message upon completing the steps above:
2023-02-14 09:05:12> [2] Temporary output file C:\ccd/TELUSB/_utput.A01 already exists. Are other CCDWS instances running
  • In this case, emptying the “telusb” and “instream” directories(found in the CCD directory), except the .PEM files, should resolve the issue.

Additional Info: A new CCDWS version that will handle cert revocation properly in the future is being worked on.